From buzzing bees to Kubernetes

Answers to our Containers issue crossword.
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Issue 17 May 2021


If you picked up the print edition of Increment’s Containers issue, you may have spotted (and filled out) our crossword. But if any of the clues have you stumped, look no further.



1. Not a convention for serpent enthusiasts
5. This company became Docker
7. Not Italian, actually from Seattle; containers’ first market moment
8. The OG OS
9. Like many supernatural beings, a background dweller
12. Common refrain of local development
14. For example, your country of origin might be cumulus
15. What’s the issue?
20. This technology keeps your data safe while it’s being processed
22. Not the study of a famously vegetarian dinosaur; seen in an Issue 7 headline
25. If you mess with Kubernetes, you might encounter this threat detection engine
27. Unlike in Monopoly, drawing a card won’t get your processes out of this
30. Technically a gatekeeper
31. ICYMI, Kubernetes’ host foundation
32. Controversial or a given? I test in ____
33. Popcorn predecessor and control freak


1. PyCon
5. dotcloud
7. Virtuozzo
8. Linux
9. Daemon
12. Works on my machine
14. Cloud native
15. Seventeen
20. Confidential computing
22. Steganography
25. Falco
27. Jail
30. Service mesh
31. CNCF
32. Prod
33. Kernel



1. Two can feed a team; on the back cover of Issue 11
2. The Star Trek alien antagonist inside Google
3. Some hearts after a breakup; seen in an Issue 16 headline
4. They have two legs but prefer to stand on one, as illustrated in a cosmic article in Issue 12
6. Code whodunit
10. An automated software testing technique that’s not as cuddly as it sounds
11. Before cgroups
16. When for a piece of code in the opposite order a programmer writes the conditions
17. Issue 6 says it’s worth it to invest in these
18. Like a flock of mosquitos or bees; it can manage multiple containers across multiple host machines
19. What MDs, engineers, and Increment’s first issue have in common
21. Sisyphean task most common in the mountains of Central Asia
23. Some say it’s dead, we say it’s not; seen in an Issue 9 headline
24. A question as old as time in Issue 11: Do engineering managers need to be _________?
26. A cleaning detergent, or techniques for building web applications asynchronously
28. This OS shares a name with a soft-brimmed hat
29. Container prokaryote


1. Pizza
2. Borg
3. Broken
4. Flamingos
6. Git blame
10. Fuzzing
11. Process containers
16. Yoda conditions
17. Internal docs
18. Docker Swarm
19. On call
21. Yak shaving
23. Punk rock
24. Technical
26. Ajax
28. Fedora
29. Chroot

Artwork by

Mercedes Bazan


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