Hello Increment readers,

Documentation empowers users and technical teams to function more effectively, and can promote approachability, accessibility, efficiency, innovation, and more stable development.

Still, getting started, maintaining it, and even getting team buy-in prove to be common challenges, and documentation remains an area for improvement for many products, tools, and projects. The value of having good documentation as you scale is immeasurableso we’ve filled this issue with practical advice, IRL experiences, and thought fodder to support you and your efforts.

This issue also comes with some news: Increment‘s first editor in chief, Susan Fowler, is off to embark on a new adventure. Susan played a key role in building Increment’s foundation, taking it from concept to beautiful, tangible reality.

We first worked together on our third issue, Development, when I joined Increment a year ago. Since then, we’ve become close collaborators, creative partners, and friends, and I filled in for her during her parental leave, developing issues of the magazine and more plans for Increment‘s future. I’ll be stepping up to fill Susan’s shoesit’s been a joy to work together, and I’m honored to succeed her.

As always, thanks for reading and for being part of our community. We’d love to collaborate with youcheck out increment.com/submissions if you’re interested in writing for us!


Sid Orlando
Editor in Chief

Thanks to our contributors for this issue

Editorial Contributors

Sweta Ackerman, Poornima Apte, Stephanie Blotner, Glenn Fleishman, David J. Lumb, Ines Montani, Dave Nunez, Chris Stokel-Walker, Aaron Suggs, James Turnbull, Alvaro Videla

Contributing Technical Reviewers

Evan Broder, Michael Katz, Brody Klapko, Jordan Merrick, Nelson Elhage

Copy Editor

Rebecca Hiscott


Ori Toor, Justina Stasyk

Design Intern

Gabrielle Widjaja