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Dear Increment readers,

As we were wrapping up production on this issue, our managing editor, Rebecca, and I were reflecting on how central mobile devices are to our daily experiences—and just how much work, thought, and care has gone into their incredible evolution over the last decades.

I can vividly recall my fascination and awe as, once upon a time, I watched my dad set up his first PalmPilot. A few years later, my first mobile phone felt just as magical and mysterious. Sure, it didn’t always “just work” (at the time, reception was often spotty at best), but it held promise—it felt like the future was literally in my hands. Each subsequent device I used was stronger, faster, sleeker, the hardware increasingly modern and fine-tuned. The experience got more tailored. And the apps being built defied the bounds of imagination. Mobile was not just a convenience; it was changing our lives.

Today, the myriad phones, tablets, and other mobile devices used throughout the world exist within many technological and societal contexts, with different designs and qualities shaping how we use, rely on, build for, and are impacted by them.

We’ve dedicated this issue to exploring the depth and complexities of mobile development, and how we can make mobile experiences more usable, accessible, and equitable. Join us as we consider how mobile has gotten to where it is today—and where it could journey to next.

Sid Orlando
Editor in Chief

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Editor in Chief

Sid Orlando

Managing Editor

Rebecca Hiscott

Contributing Editors

Ipsita Agarwal, Meghna Rao, David Wolinsky

Copy Editors and Fact Checkers

Laura Entis, Lauren Vespoli

Technical Reviewers

Kush Agrawal, Cynthia Coan, David Estes, Michael Lapadula, Mel Ludowise, Rebecca Murphey, Stephen Melinyshyn, Michael Shafrir, Vineet Shah, Prateek Srivastava


Safia Abdalla, Ipsita Agarwal, Poornima Apte, Pooja Bhaumik, Daniel Devesa Derksen-Staats, Ankush Gupta, Kayla Kasprak, Andrew Leonard, Gio Lodi, Gergely Orosz, Adam Sanderson, Peter Steinberger, Chris Stokel-Walker, Kamilah Taylor, Lav R. Varshney, Dawn Wright

Creative Director

Justin Pervorse


Mercedes Bazan, Joshuah Miranda


Mercedes Bazan, Matteo Berton, Lisk Feng, Calum Heath, Patrick Leger, Joshuah Miranda, Lily Padula

Distribution and Logistics

Melissa Contreras, Bobby Kessner

Cover Art

Patrick Leger

About the author

Sid Orlando is editor in chief of Increment. She lives in New York City where she is friends with every bodega cat.


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Patrick Leger



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