won’t you

won’t you

A computational poem.
Part of
Issue 9 May 2019

Open Source

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var aux = ["", "can", "don't", "must", "will", "won't"],
act = ["find", "know", "learn", "read", "say", "see"];
function pick(list) {
return list[~~(Math.random() * list.length)];
function phrase() {
var end = " it";
if (Math.random() < .3) {
end = " that " + phrase();
return "we " + pick(aux) + " " + pick(act) + end;
<body id=b style="margin: 20%" onload="b.innerHTML=phrase();">
<iframe src='/files/9/wont-you.html'></iframe>

About the author

Nick Montfort is a computational poet who has done online projects, artworks for exhibition, and computer-generated books, including the collaboration 2x6AutopiaThe Truelist (first in the Using Electricity series from Counterpath), and Hard West Turn. He is a professor of digital media at MIT.


Artwork by

Manolo Gamboa Naon



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