Human language is ubiquitous; we are surrounded and impacted by it and its countless subtleties every day, and we might choose to expand our knowledge of one or many languages to help us make our way through the world. For developers, programming languages are another daily linguistic immersion, consciously chosen and deliberately applied, their relative merits and effectiveness debated at length. We use programming languages to build impressive tools and infrastructure, like we might use the language we speak or sign to spin great statements and storiesbut language proficiency in any case doesn’t necessarily equate to comfort with their depth or unfamiliar use cases.

In each issue of Increment we aim to highlight conversations that deepen our collective knowledge, pique curiosity, and help shape how startups and tech companies build and scale their software and teams. In this issue, we approached language from many anglesfrom the personal to the practical, historical to future-facing, and many places in between.

This is the fifth quarterly issue of Increment, and we are thrilled to be sharing it with you. Thank you for supporting us during our first year, and for coming along as we embark on our second.

Happy reading,

Sid Orlando
Acting Executive Editor