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Dear Increment readers,

It’s nearly time to call 2020 a wrap—and if things this topsy-turvy year have felt a bit cloudy, we hope these colorful pages might bring you a little light and momentary respite.
So today, we introduce an issue on all things remote—a topic more relevant and necessary than ever. Remote work has become a requirement for many folks in tech this year, and the internet has been flooded with think pieces and predictions about its bombastic (or not) future. We hope to provide something a little different: an invitation to pause and reflect deeply on the practices and ideas that shape remote work, and what remote means for tech organizations today and in any version of its future.

In these pages, you’ll find engineering leaders encouraging empathy, thoughtfulness, and a careful reconsideration of how we define our defaults. Among aspirations, best practices, and research, you’ll also find insights from tech companies that have been built on remote foundations, as well as those that have adapted to new circumstances.
Best wishes from the _Increment_ team—in San Francisco, New York, London, Atlanta, and beyond—to you, wherever you are. <3

Sid Orlando
Editor in Chief

P.S. If you’re looking for further thought fodder, Jay Shirley’s illuminating reflections on the first year of Stripe’s remote engineering hub is a worthwhile read.

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Sid Orlando is editor in chief of Increment. She lives in New York City where she is friends with every bodega cat.


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