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Dear Increment readers,

If it’s not what you work on every day, you might think of security and privacywhich is increasingly intertwined with securityas abstract concepts. But with the advent of laws and regulations like GDPR and the number of prolific data breaches making the news, security is cementing itself as an essential part of our every day focus.

For this issue, we’ve focused on a handful of topics intended to help your security thinking. From demystifying takes on threat modeling to the intersections of design and security to more personal experiences around password management, may you find these pieces clarifying and grounding. We hope they serve as a welcome reminder that security truly is everyone’s job.

Always and forever, thanks for reading.


Sid Orlando
Editor in Chief

Thanks to our contributors for this issue

Editorial Contributors

Alice Goldfuss, Chris Stokel-Walker, David J. Lumb, Emily Cain, Glenn Fleishman, Hannah H. Kim, Kathy Wang, Kevin Riggle, Logan McDonald, Lucie Lozinski, Patrick O’Doherty, Serena Chen, Sha Sundaram, Shraya Ramani

Technical Reviewers

Kayla Bruneau, Angie Lal, Richo Healey

Copy Editor

Rebecca Hiscott


Camilo Huinca, Maus Bullhorst, Valeria Alvarez

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Sid Orlando is Editor in Chief of Increment.


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Valeria Alvarez


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