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Hello Increment readers,

Welcome to our first issue of 2020. As we start the new year—the new decade, even!—we’re thinking a lot about how to build things from the ground up, how to rejigger other things to suit new circumstances, how to learn from the past, and how to plan for the future.

An issue on software architecture seems only fitting to kick things off.

In these pages we explore architecture as a journey, something as dynamic as the needs our software serves and as intriguing as the people who use it. Whether you’re rearchitecting after an acquisition, trying to break free from a haunted forest of bad code and broken systems, or wondering how someone else accomplished what your team is setting out to do, I hope these perspectives help you architect a successful, resilient tomorrow.

Happy reading,

Sid Orlando
Editor in Chief

Thanks to our contributors for this issue

Editor in Chief

Sid Orlando

Associate Editor

Molly McArdle

Copy Editors

Rebecca Hiscott, Susannah Kemple

Technical Reviewers

Evan Broder, Dusty Burwell, Jacqueline Chen, Andreas Fuchs, Jennifer Hwang, Jon Kaltwasser, Angie Lal, Eoin Nugent


Ipsita Agarwal, Vicki Boykis, Chuka Ebi, Glenn Fleishman, Romello Goodman, Andrew Howden, Tomasz Kania-Orzeł, Hannah Kim, Philippe Lafoucrière, John Millikin, Lisa Phillips, Omar Rizwan, Chris Stokel-Walker, Scott Wlaschin


Mercedes Bazan, Justin Pervorse, Drew Roper

Design Producer

Olivia Chernoff


Giacomo Bagnara, Skip Hursh, Ana Kova, Ola Niepsuj, Justin Pervorse, Kim Salt, Jon Stich, Tania Yakunova

Cover Art

Kim Salt

Distribution and Logistics

Bobby Kessner

About the author

Sid Orlando is editor in chief of Increment. She lives in New York City where she is friends with every bodega cat.


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Kim Salt



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