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Increment is a quarterly print and digital magazine published by Stripe that explores the culture, theory, and practice of building and operating software systems at scale. Each issue focuses on a new theme (such as Open Source, Programming Languages, or Cloud) and illuminates best practices, expert insights, and compelling perspectives. Offering more than just process-oriented or tactical content, Increment aims to provide a practical toolkit for sustainable success.

We’re actively considering pitches that address technical topics with creativity, precision, and compassion. All accepted stories will go through a rigorous editorial process. We’d love to hear from you.

We're looking for

Stories that aren’t being told anywhere else. Ideas that demand discussion. Illuminating distillations of complex subjects. Accounts of how you or your organization changed the way you work, for the better. Deep dives into the essential, the unique, the small stuff that really matters, and the stuff so large it’s hard to see.

In short, we’re looking for writing that can transform and inform the experiences of engineers everywhere.

We publish

  • Long-form journalism directly relevant to software teams, engineers, and technology companies
  • Human-interest stories about tech and lessons learned, from database migrations gone wrong to cloud migrations gone right
  • Expert insights on industry best practices
  • Very opinionated and thoughtful opinion pieces
  • Interviews with tech industry experts
  • Personal essays that address a technical need or experience
  • Deeply researched explorations of the most fascinating bits of tech past and present

Upcoming themes

Right now, we’re especially interested in pitches on the following topics:

  • Planning
  • Developer advocacy
  • Infrastructure
  • Machine learning
  • Data science

We’re not interested in

  • Product or app reviews
  • “Roundups”
  • Casual listicles
  • Humor columns
  • Rants
  • Gadget stuff
  • Advertorials
  • General “tech” stuff (we’re focused on software engineering)
  • Anything that’s being done everywhere else

Pitches should

  • Be clear and focused
  • Not exceed 250–300 words
  • Outline your concept, target audience, proposed structure, and how you plan to tackle the piece
  • Include an estimated word count
  • Make clear why you are the person to write this piece
  • Share a link to your published writing samples, if you've got them.

We're also curious about

  • Seeing your portfolio if you’d like to contribute art, comics, or creative writing
  • Immersive, experiential, and interactive editorial projects
  • Column proposals

Send your pitch to submissions@increment.com. While we can’t respond to every submission, we do our very best. If you haven’t heard from us in three weeks, feel free to send a gentle follow up.

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