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Increment is a print and digital magazine published by Stripe that covers the state of the tech industry. Each issue is dedicated to a specific theme (previous issues were dedicated to on-call and cloud computing) and illuminates industry best practices, contains interviews with industry experts, and explores the important aspects of the theme at hand.

We're currently considering pitches that address technical topics with creativity and precision. We’re looking for finely crafted work that goes above and beyond. Note that all accepted stories will go through a rigorous editorial review.

We’d love to hear from you—please read the following thoroughly before sending us your pitch.

Upcoming themes

Right now, we’re exclusively interested in pitches that align with the theme of our upcoming issues:

Types of content we’re interested in

  • Long-form pieces directly relevant to software teams, engineers, and technology companies
  • Human interest stories about tech and lessons learned, from database migrations gone wrong to cloud migrations gone right
  • Compelling expert insights on industry best practices
  • Very opinionated opinion pieces
  • Interviews with tech industry experts
  • Personal essays that address a technical need or experience

We’re also interested in

We’re not currently looking for

  • Product or app reviews
  • “Roundups”
  • Casual listicles
  • Humor columns
  • Rants
  • Gadget stuff
  • General “tech” stuff (we’re focused on software engineering)
  • Anything that’s being done everywhere else

Pitches should…

Be sure to include

Send your pitch to submissions@increment.com

While we can’t respond to every submission, we do our very best. If you haven’t heard from us in three weeks, feel free to send a gentle follow up.