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Hello Increment readers,

This issue is all about teamsbuilding them, managing them, supporting them. And, because autumn in New York City always makes me a little sentimental, I’d like to dedicate itand this letterto the team that makes this magazine every quarter.

The Increment team is a group of editors, designers, and producers who come together day after day, month after month, and (for some of us!) year after year to work toward a common goal alongside our many contributors.

We’re a team with very different experiences, stories, and sometimes priorities. Like most teams, we don’t agree on everything but we encourage and respect each other, and we rally around making something meaningful for our readers. (Also, if we weren’t distributed across such a distance, we’d probably get more pizza together.)

Being on a team you love to work withthat pushes you to do your best work, that centers trust, balance, support, and collaborationis a special thing. And it’s an achievable thing, if you’re willing to put in the work.

Here’s to what teams can be. And to the Increment team: Here’s to you. <3

Sid Orlando
Editor in Chief

Thanks to our contributors for this issue

Editor in Chief

Sid Orlando

Associate Editor

Molly McArdle

Copy Editors

Rebecca Hiscott, Susannah Kemple

Editorial Assistant

Malachi Dofat

Content Reviewers

Jacqueline Chen, Jennifer Hwang, Will Larson, Mouli Mukherjee, Jaclyn Opritza, Catriona Scott, Carrie Simonds, Suzanne Wang

Editorial Contributors

Poornima Apte, Juan Pablo Buriticá, Anil Dash, Liz Fong-Jones, Paul Ford, Lara Hogan, Ott Kaukver, Hannah Kim, Will Larson, David J. Lumb, Lena Reinhard, Przemek Smyrdek, Kevin Stewart, Chris Stokel-Walker, Kaya Thomas, Hillel Wayne, Katie Womersley


Philipp Antoni, Mercedes Bazan, Justin Pervorse

Design Producer

Olivia Chernoff


Natalie Andrewson, José Domingo, Tim Lahan, Helen Li, Wren McDonald, Mel Tow, Kelsey Wroten

Distribution Coordinator

Esther Suh

About the author

Sid Orlando is Editor in Chief of Increment.


Artwork by

José Domingo


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